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increase environment protection awareness

pfizer has always led to increase as an example environment protection awareness and promote the concept of a “green pfizer”. in 2013, pfizer dalian plant conducted a series of projects for energy savings and emission reductions. for example: the new gas boiler project, reduced 2,700 tons co2 emission (i.e. planted 147,500 trees); the free-cooling project, saved 1,150mwh (300mwh electricity) per year (i.e. planted 12,787 trees); the solar water heater project, saved 430mwh per year(i.e. planted 9164 trees);and the recycled air for ahu-204 project, saved 600mwh per year (i.e. planted 32787 trees). pfizer suzhou plant received the energy efficiency star certification from the people’s government of suzhou municipality in 2013.

environment protection volunteers in action

in order to reinforce the awareness of environmental protection and working together for a better world, pfizer dalian plant’s environment protection association organized employee volunteers to clean rubbish at tong niu ling and plant trees at xiao hei mountain on weekends. pfizer consumer healthcare also organized volunteers’ environment protection activity at langya mountain in anhui province. their commitment and action makes a difference concerning environmental responsibility.

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